Cyberpunk horror meets dystopian

Cyberpunk horror meets dystopian

Vathos is a shady company that operates in the shadows. Specializing in penetrating the dreams of target individuals, it works for high-end clients to torture people in their subconscious so that they may be manipulated in waking life. Vangelis Zervas is a Subversion agent for the company, a man who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty doing what few people would have the stomach to do.

But when strange things begin to happen on the job, inexplicable things outside the norm of operational procedure, Zervas is thrown into doubt and is compelled to find out more about the occurrences. When events from the dreamscape begin to trickle into real life, that’s when he senses he’s not the only one who has access to the subconscious mindscape. Someone is trying to make contact, and he has no idea who…

The Sistema Series is a work of cyberpunk/sci-fi/dystopian horror that explores the hell that AI may lead us into…

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