Check out Ultan Banan’s works of horror fiction:

Little Swine

A small basement cell. A dirty bed. A chair.

These are the confines of Little Swine’s world. Prisoner of Momma and subject to the tortures of Boy, her life is a living hell.

Momma is a disturbed woman. Her plan is simple: Momma wants a baby so that she may redeem the sins of her past. This is Little Swine’s purpose. And when Momma has what she wants, Little Swine will be discarded.

But violence begets violence and blood begets blood, and many will die before the devil has his quota. One can never underestimate the power of retribution.

The Cottage

Men are men until they encounter evil. And after, they are compelled to do evil itself.

Turning their backs on New York, John and Katie Mears purchase their dream home in colonial Connecticut, the place they hope to raise their firstborn and build life as a family. But the cradle of the American nation has a haunting past, and they find themselves swallowed by a dark history, one of blood and anguish, a specter of the country’s painful birth in the slaughter of pilgrim times. The dark crucible of the nation is yet manifest. Blood debt is eternal, and sooner or later history calls for retribution. It is the blood of innocents that pays for the sins of the father.

The Sistema Series:


Subconscious torture for political and corporate subversion. That’s the trade of Vathos––creeping into a target’s dreams to force the shady ends of their clients. It’s a dirty business.

Vangelis Zervas is one of their Subversion agents and makes a living inflicting pain on people in their sleep. A recipient of the most stringent training and a man of few qualms, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. But when a series of events calls his dedication into question, strange things begin to happen when he infiltrates the dreams of his targets. Soon he’s asking himself––is it he in the mark’s head, or is someone else in his?

A no-holds-barred dystopian horror that will put your teeth on edge.

horror fiction


Caleb, a young school dropout, robs an apartment one night with his petty-criminal friend, Vince. Finding an expensive and rare piece of computer hardware, he takes it, oblivious to its power and purpose. The boy plugs himself into the new device, unaware that the program inside it is a diabolical piece of software, one which will almost kill him. But those who created the program do not want it out in the world and will do anything to retrieve it, including killing anyone in whose possession it is found. Caleb may find that by taking the device he has unwittingly unleashed forces that will consume all he knows and loves.