Radical fiction: novels from Ultan Banan

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The Book of God

The Book of God

God isn’t dead. He’s just a bit mental

Indignant at his corrupt and ignominious creation, God sits and stews in his treehouse outside the small town of Brawl. His only companion and sole remaining attendant, a withered and tortured scribe, chronicles the Lord’s descent into madness as he struggles to collect all the lost souls which have escaped his records and further addled the Lord’s already woolly mind. But when the Scribe is forced to hire a maid to care for the Almighty, the introduction of a buxom woman into God’s life brings chaos in its wake. And what’s more, the maid has an innocent and attractive young daughter…

Suffering rejection, humiliation and loathing of humankind, God seeks a way to bring back Christ and trigger the Apocalypse. The only thing standing in his way? God’s old harpy of a mother… 

whorehouse blues

A Whore’s Song

Hidden away in the backstreets of Amsterdamis a secretive whorehouse, open only to those in the know, where pain and extreme sexual sport are the vehicles to understanding and self-knowledge. Run by the obscure Madame Zhu, the establishment is a magnet to the city’s elite and mad soul-seekers alike. Two lives collide in a chaotic downward spiral brought about by psychoactives and sexual torture when, over the course of a day, a whore recounts her life as a destroyer of egos, and one man is forced to face his deepest demons. Cast out into the far reaches of his mind, will he make it back from the other side?

In a world where the weak become prey and strength means brutality, living may come at the cost of dying first.

This is masterful tasty prose to savor and brood about.”

ultimate taboo

Notes from a Cannibalist

1847. Assuming the identity of a dead Jesuit priest, a survivor of the famine in Ireland travels to South America where he is tasked with rebuilding the missions among the natives. Inducted into local life, Father James Carmichael finds love with a native woman and becomes acquainted with the ways of the Guaraní, discovering ayahuasca and ritualism. In a battle with his own gods and demons, the priest fights for the life he envisions, his own self the ultimate stake of the struggle. Worlds are shattered, realities crumbled, lives destroyed. His soul victim to the crucible of the New World, what is tempered in the chaos will be outside his control.

apocalyptic party


In the murky wake of the financial crisis a string of establishments pop up across Europe catering to a hedonistic underground, its clientele beholden to a strange, hallucinatory meat. Stoked by the fleshy and charismatic Hugo and fuelled by voracious consumption of ecstasy, the craze spreads from the heart of Europe all the way to the Mediterranean, where in Athens the financial elite begin to turn on each other. Murder, barbecue and apocalyptic raving ensues, culminating in the most savage party Mykonos has ever seen. Follow the story to its destructive end, where consumption eats itself alive.

“This is a filthy book. Repugnant. Base, disgusting. Ecstasy, undulating. Hilarious, decadent. And really, some truly laugh-out-loud moments; I’ve never read anything quite like this… I feel like this should be required reading (in a contraption to hold your eyeballs open in A Clockwork Orange kinda way).”

“An uncomfortable, and often unpleasant, deep dive into a culinary underbelly. Don’t let this put you off, if you have the stomach for it, this is a fast moving wild ride that goes places you dont expect.”


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