cyberpunk/sci-fi/dystopian horror: Acolyte

Horror goes cyberpunk…

cyberpunk scifi dystopian horror


Caleb, a young school dropout, robs an apartment one night with his petty-criminal friend, Vince. Finding an expensive and rare piece of computer hardware, he takes it, oblivious to its power and purpose. The boy plugs himself into the new device, unaware that the program inside it is a diabolical piece of software, one which will almost kill him. But those who created the program do not want it out in the world and will do anything to retrieve it, including killing anyone in whose possession it is found. Caleb may find that by taking the device he has unwittingly unleashed forces that will consume all he knows and loves.

Acolyte is a work of cyberpunk/sci-fi/dystopian horror, the second part in the Sistema Series.

coming October 1st


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