New trio of horror novellas

‘The horror…’


Coming on August 1st, a new trio of horror novellas. Ultan Banan has been skirting around the horror genre for a while now, and the time has come to jump right in. So three novellas released together: one southern gothic, one American gothic, and one dystopian/sci-fi.


Little Swine

horror fiction

A small basement cell. A dirty bed. A chair.

These are the confines of Little Swine’s world. Prisoner of Momma and subject to the tortures of Boy, her life is a living hell.

Momma has a plan. Momma wants a baby. Momma turns Boy on Little Swine in order to impregnate her and provide her with a child. Little Swine’s life will amount to no more than this. And when Momma has what she wants, Little Swine will be discarded.

But violence gives way to violence and blood begets blood, and many will die before the devil has his quota. One can never underestimate the power of retribution.


The Cottage

horror fiction

History. Genocide. The American nation birthed in blood and slaughter. Fire in a burning land. Ghosts of the past. A haunting. An unborn child. The death of innocents.

Men are men until they encounter evil. And after, they are compelled to do evil itself.

One man and his wife search for a new beginning. Instead, they are called to atone for past horror, and not with their own lives, but with that of their child’s. Blood debt is eternal, and sooner or later history calls for retribution. It is the blood of innocents that pays for the sins of the father.



Subconscious torture for political and corporate subversion. That’s the business Vathos is in––creeps into a target’s dreams in order to bring about the shady ends of their clients. It’s big business.

Vangelis Zervas is one of their Subversion agents and makes a living inflicting pain on people in their dreams. A recipient of the most stringent training and a man of few qualms, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. But when a series of events calls his dedication into question, strange things begin to happen when he infiltrates the dreams of his targets. Soon he’s asking himself––is it he in the mark’s head, or is someone else in his?

A no-holds-barred dystopian horror that will put your teeth on edge.


Three new horror novellas available August 1st from all outlets

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